Documentation Tools & Consulting

This page contains a few of the solutions we have developed for various projects. Many are related to Author-it, a help authoring tool that has single-sourcing and content management features. We've completed multiple projects that bring to gether CSS, JavaScripts and Word macros for Author-it, with fast turnaround and reasonable rates.

We can confidently compare and contrast documtation tools, explaining the weaknesses of each tool, to help you to decide on the best solution for your information and documentation needs. If there is no 'off the shelf' product that suits, we can also build a customised solution.

Full CSS tab designs, and more (zip file, contains JavaScript and other files). Publish help to HTML using tabs that are controlled by CSS and tab names that are written in a dedicated topic. Adds a great new feature: a fourth tab that supports information typing, like DITA. It is much easier to implement than DITA. Instructions are included. Note: this is a demo version with an enforced Info Action logo. To obtain a shareware version without the logo, you need to purchase the unrestricted files. Contact us to ask for a free license.  

Cross-Browser Dynmaic TOC for Author-it (zip file, contains JavaScript and other files). An upgrade kit that makes Author-it's dynamic TOC work in FireFox (and most other browsers). Includes a PDF with detailed instructions for making the required changes.  

Custom Author-it files (pdf file). Step-by-step explanation of how to easily reconfigure an Author-it book to target different page sizes in published Word documents. Eliminates the need to rebuild the entire object hierarchy that would normally result from changing a book definition.  

Hide topic from FTS in Author-it (pdf file). Simple but elegant solution that enables authors to exclude topics from full text search. Requires a small change in dhtml_search.js file, which is explained in the document.  

Use Word's table autoformat feature from Author-it (text file). An after-publish macro that applies automatic table formatting in Word. The macro looks for files that have a particular heading style format, so individual tables can be "marked" for formatting from within Author-it. This is a much easier way to apply sophisticated table-wide formatting in Word documents, compared to doing it by hand in Author-it.  

Fix open-parent bug in Author-it script (text file). The standard script used for opening an HTML topic in a frameset stops the topic from working properly in a CHM. This file corrects the problem so the topic works properly for both types of help (HTML and MS HTML Help). Save this file as open_parent.js in your template folder - usually Plain HTML, or possibly DHTML Search. Make a backup of the original file first!  

Allow users to manually open the TOC (zip file). Author-it can be configured so that opening an individual topic causes the parent frameset to always open. This displays the TOC, Index and Search tabs. Sometimes this is not desirable, especially for context-sensitive help where you might prefer to give the user control over opening of the parent frameset. This upgrade kit provides files and instructions for such functionality. You need to make template changes, which are explained in the instructions.  

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