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Many companies prefer to publish their documentation online because it is easier to update and distribute. Other companies want to publish both hard copy and online versions of some documents. Info Action can help by providing both content and system design.

Here are some of the technologies that we can put to use in your organisation:

Online Help Interactive help in cross-platform or Windows format. We can produce help for your business applications, or convert your existing procedures for online delivery. Naturally this includes context-sensitive help that is linked to custom applications or web sites.

Intranet and Web site development Carefully designed and user-friendly content for employees, customers or visitors. We can develop password-protected areas and active content, quickly and inexpensively. We provide both client and server-side scripting that integrates with your site content. 

Embedded help Info Action is a leader in the creation and integration of embedded help for web applications, with a US patent pending for innovation in this area. Our embedded help research and developments have been presented at conferences in the US and Australia. Our embedded help is easy to author and integrate. We can show you how to write embedded help and our fees are less than hiring an agency contractor!

See our embedded help in Etime Biz, an advanced web timesheet package that generates invoices and employee payment advice directly from timesheets. Also see information about two conference presentations: WritersUA Conferences (Portland, March 2008) and AODC (Gold Coast, May 2008).

The test...

We have provided a simple test that you can perform on any web site to assess its designer's skill.


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Embedded help for web-based timesheet-invoicing-payroll system:

Embedded help is created using an ordinary help authoring tool. This application also has "User mediated embedded help", where users can add their own content to the embedded help. This technology is available for license from Info Action.  

QA System portal personalised delivery of work instructions or SOPs:

QA system portal designed and populated by Info Action. Employees see a personalised list of work instructions and can "sign-off" to show they have read them, then take an online test.  

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